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Victoria's Rich History

Did you know that Victoria is the second oldest city in Western Canada? It was first home to three groups of First Nations known as the Songhees. The Songhees had named the area ‘Comosack’, which means ‘Rush of Water’. Captain James Cook arrived at Comosack in 1778 as the first non-aboriginal man.

In March of 1843 the area was founded by Hudson’s Bay Company as a trading post and fort, they renamed the area Fort Albert. Shortly after that, in June of the same year, the name was changed to Fort Victoria after the queen. Fort Victoria was laid out as a town site in 1852 and the name was changed to Victoria. Victoria became the colonial capital of British Columbia and Vancouver Island, later becoming the Provincial capital when British Columbia joined the Canada Confederation in 1871.

Victoria was the main port of entry to BC in 1858 due to the Fraser Valley Gold Rush and for the majority of the 19th century Victoria was the largest city in British Columbia. Eventually the Trans Continental Railway was constructed and Vancouver became a terminus making it the major west coast port.

 In the twentieth century Victoria became Canada’s western naval base and home to a major fishing fleet.  Information Technology was the largest industry in the city including marine, forestry and agricultural research centre. Today there are many heritage attractions to explore.

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